ANTWERP - Ell Circo D’ell Fuego
Teeterboard by André 'the jedi master' St Jean

METZ - Cirk'eole
Floor acro by William 'the spider' Thomas

The Master Classes are the perfect way to meet each other during training. The students of professional schools often fall into a gap after their studies. We believe that a solid network is a first step away from this postgraduate gap. Our vision involving the contemporary circus is to be pro-active in every possible aspect. We aim to offer, cultivate, subtract and share the contemporary circus and it’s skills. What else do we want than four days of hard training, and in the evening time to get to know one another around a true Belgian barbecue/beer..?
Ell Circo d’ell Fuego (ECDF)

CD Art

Masterclasses 2016

'Pure Circus Madness'




15 hours of solid training

4 days of true Belgian cuisine and beverages

1 sleeping area

You don't have to bring a tent, but a mattress and sleeping bag is necessary.



17,5 hours of solid training

4 days of great cooking and baguette for breakfast

1 sleeping area

Bring a tent, sleeping bag and mattress, here it will be necessary




Teeterboard - ANDRE ST JEAN

André a travaillé la planche coréenne avec le duo Baskultoo (Maxime Laurin et Ugo Dario), qui a remporté l’or au Festival du cirque de Demain, les 7 Doigts de la Main (spectacle Séquence 8), le Cirque Éloise (spectacles Monaco et Saloon), le Cirque du Soleil (spectacles Amaluna, Mystere et Paramour).
Il est toujours formateur à temps partiel à l’École de Cirque de Montréal et, depuis 2009, à temps complet en tant qu’entraineur acrobatique au Cirque du Soleil.





The objective of this course is to approach acrobatics as a means of expression in its own right, not just as a technique.
Each individual has unique abilities, a proper bodily intelligence, and each body has its own specific lines of force.
The purpose of this training is to guide participants in exploring or deepening their own physical




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